The divine in me sees and acknowledges the divine in you.

Hello and Welcome to Blue Rain Orchid. We’re honored to have you here. Grab a glass or a cuppa your favorite drink, and let’s enjoy a few moments of peace out of your hectic day.

Blue Rain Orchid believes that everyone deserves to be pampered. Our clients live chaotic lives, where they are expected to give to everyone, and put themselves last. Here, you are free to be who you are and not have to worry about what others need. Your needs are important to us. With this in mind, there are a few services Blue Rain Orchid offers.

Healing. Everyone should be running on a full charge to be the best they can be. The majority of our clients are healers themselves, Crystal Healers, Energetic Healers, Herbalists, Counselor/Therapists, and of course Moms and Dads. You could say Blue Rain Orchid is a healer of healers. We believe everyone needs healing and we’re happy to provide you the healing you need.

Psychic. Leading busy lives often doesn’t allow us the chance to stop and look at where we’re heading in life. We make our goals and we do our best to work towards them, but it’s hard to step away from those goals to make sure we are on the right path. Blue Rain Orchid has various options to help you look into the future (and the past) to make sure you’re on the correct path to get you where your heart and soul desire to be. We also offer Mediumship, we know it’s hard when loved ones have crossed over, and at times having a chat and knowing they are happy helps with the healing.

Counseling/Coaching. Who do you turn to when you feel you may be losing your mind. When you’re on a spiritual path, there are a lot of changes that happen, and a lot of questions come up. Blue Rain Orchid has heard everything from various walks of life. We have years of experience assisting others as they walk towards ascension and enlightenment, and we’re honored to coach or counsel you.

Products. Blue Rain Orchid is proud to offer an array of oils to help you with your healing and walking your spiritual path.