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Welcome Witches!

I see you. You’re tired of the day-to-day.

You’re worn down and bored and wondering where the excitement is at.

You’ve tried the mindset and the positivity shit, and it’s left you feeling drained and uninspired.


You want enchantment filling your life.

You want a deeper connection to your innate magic.

You want to embody the powerful witch you know you’re meant to be.


Bringing your attention to your needs and fulfilling them has been the core of Blue Rain Orchid since it first emerged from the darkness.

We’ve provided you with pampering sessions like Reiki, Chakra Alignments, Aura Cleansing, and so much more. Aromatherapy blends and herbal remedies were available and Spiritual Coaching.

You, as a Holistic Being, are our focus.

As time ticked by, as it does, we moved into the realms of magic. A large array of conjure and intention oils and herbal blends were created to meet your needs. 

Coaching became mentoring witches and assisting them to become stronger in their paths.

As I mentored and taught, my soul path began to emerge. Being real, I was scared. I rebelled against it. Just warning you, if you want to find your soul purpose, don’t rebel once you find it.

Moving forward, YOU are still our focus, your holistic well-being, along with assisting you to walk your path of power and strength.

You want to work with me because I’ve been there.

I kicked and screamed.

I was stuck and scared.

I’ve felt what you feel, and I can help you feel formidable and unrivaled.

Our Courses

When you’re on a spiritual path, there are a lot of changes that happen, and a lot of questions come up.

Blue Rain Orchid has heard everything from various walks of life. 

We have years of experience assisting and teaching others as they walk toward ascension and enlightenment, and we’re honored to lead and walk with you.

We provide a no-bullshit view of magic. After taking a class or course, you can work the magic you just learned!


**I’m revamping the courses.

Take a Look in

The Shop

I believe in the power of spirituality, and the magic that is within every woman.

Blue Rain Orchid’s shop is dedicated to providing you with a wide range of high-quality printables designed specifically for witchy and spiritual woman to enhance their spiritual journey and become enchanted with their inner magic.

What sets Blue Rain Orchid apart?

I create items that I want and use in my own journey. These items resonate with spiritual women and witches on all paths.

It’s my hope that these printables empower and educate you to feel confident in your spiritual walk. The items are instant downloads letting you start NOW!


William Shakespeare

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