Who’s Maria and WHY do I care?

Who’s Maria and “WHY” should I care what she does?

I’m an Intuitive Holistic Healer, Certified Reiki Master, and Certified Metaphysical Practioner. I’m an Empath, Psychic and a Medium. I could go on and on about what Reiki and energy work is, and how it works. I can talk until we both are dizzy about being a Psychic/Medium. I could list out all my certifications and such, but really that doesn’t tell you why you should care.

I’ll tell you what I do instead. I work with energy. Most Metaphysical talk (which sounds like a whole load of mumbo jumbo if you aren’t using the terms daily) will tell you we all are made of energy and vibrations and we need our vibrations to be high. This is true but if you don’t know how to do that, it doesn’t matter jack what others tell you.

So why should you care who I am?

It’s simple.
Because I can help you increase your vibrations and your energy. I can help you clear all the yuckies (whatever they maybe) that clog your energy, and in turn make you feel like crap. Clearing your energy will increase your vibrations. That right there is why my clients care who I am, and what I do.

I help them feel better and live better, and I can help you.

I also help you find where all this junk is coming from and advise you on how to avoid it.


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