Here’s some reviews pulled from my Facebook page

Maria provides exceptional service!! I would recommend her services to anyone who would need them!! She is very professional and fair with the cost of services that she provides. I would see her again! March 1, 2016

I highly recommend Maria Ramirez for your metaphysical healing. She did an Intuitive Healing Session for me which included Psychic Surgery, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleaning & more. I had never even heard of a Psychic Vampire before, but I definitely had one. Maria was able to remove all the cords he had attached to me that were sucking my energy. I am awestruck at the difference in how I feel physically, emotionally, and psychically. If you are feeling exhausted for an unusually length of time for no reason, have pain that cannot be physically explained or healed by a medical doctor, feel unusually crappy for no reason for a lengthy period of time, please contact Maria. I am excited that she will be doing an Intuitive Reading for me tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear what she has to tell me now that I’m healed, happy, and enjoying life again!!! Thank you Maria❤     J L February 28, 2015

I absolutely LOVE my mojo bag! I highly recommend you get yours TODAY! Thank you Maria<3 A C February 12, 2015

Thank you so much Maria! As usual I am amazed. I am still thinking about the message from my grandmother to my father and myself. She stepped in with Pops and Maria explained who they were and what they wanted us to know. I must say my Father was in awe. Only he would know these facts. Amazing! Then she reminded me- she says remember the fire you have in your bones, your blood is strong as spit, you don’t ever forget that. Just amazing! I think that was a direct order for me to work on the depression. She reminded me I come from some strong stock!<3 February 1, 2015 KAC

I wanted to let all my friends know that I have a very gifted friend who is Reiki healer, and energy worker. She performed a healing for me and was able to pinpoint things that I know have been issues as well as things I didn’t even know about… My chronic back pain is all but gone (except for the fact that I need a new bed!) and she has given me such a feeling of peace that I have not had for months (lots going in personally…)
If you have physical health issues, mental and or spiritual issues… please reach out to her. She is very reasonable on her pricing and you won’t believe the things she can see and do. I can’t thank her enough and it makes me all the more excited because I am going to be getting my Reiki attunement soon myself and start a new leg in my spiritual growth to be a healer as well. Thank you again Maria! September 27, 2015 S M

I have had my reiki distance healing with Maria Ramirez that I was lucky enough to win and can I just say, she is astounding! It was the first time I have ever had anything like this and I woke up this morning feeling like someone had opened a window and let the fresh air in, absolutely wonderful!! She also touched on a few things that are causing me problems and advised me on how I might look for solutions AND she gave me some information about myself that I was completely unaware of (which I will be looking into and following up)!! She explained everything she was doing as she went along and also created a beautiful grid for me too. I can’t thank her enough and I can’t recommend her enough!! Thank you so much Maria, you are a wonder!! grin emoticon heart emoticon xxx September 23, 2015 J H


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