The Five Principles of Reiki

These are the five principles that Dr. Usui created.

These principles are daily guidelines to a happy life. I would highly recommend everyone make an effort to follow them.
Reiki practitioners strive to live by these principles.

5 principles

These are not commandments, these are guidelines.
Reiki students are told to meditate on each meaning. I will share a little of my meditations on the meaning of each principle here.

Just for today:

I will let go of anger

I will count my many blessings

I will do my work honestly

I will be kind to every living creature

I will let go of worry

Anger and worry are negative vibrations. These two emotions will attract more negativity to us. Very few want negativity to surround us. Letting go of worry will give us room to create the good we want. Anger is a poison we give ourselves. Actually, worry is a poison too. Both anger and worry, will only bring more issues which will make us angrier or more worrisome.

I will count my many blessings. So many of us more often than not focus on the bad things that happen to us. We concentrate on worry or anger and not our blessings. We really need to change this. We are so blessed, we are alive, we have amazing technology that will allow us to connect instantly with family far away, we have more knowledge available to us than ever before. Also, this is rarely mentioned, but when we have a bad moment or stressful situation…. these are truly blessings, they teach us how strong we are. It may also be a way to get us to do what we are meant to do, but don’t want to.

Being kind to every living creature. Why are we not doing this anyways?! Why must this be a principle? Is humanity so full of itself that we don’t see the value in the other lifeforms we share this planet with.

I will do my work honestly. This is one of the harder principles. Each practitioner needs to decide what this means to them. To me, in my practice it means I won’t over charge my clients. I will not half-ass, any job that I have been hired to do.

What do you think of these principles?
Will you strive to follow them?



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