A poem to a beloved tarot deck

I love poetry, I also really dig tarot. I got a new deck and a poem flowed from it. I decided what the heck, I’ll share it here.
I’m thinking about starting a tarot/oracle reviews section. Let’s see if I have time to add that to my list.
Anyways, this deck is titled The Deck of the Dead. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I love the antique images and the death/bones feel to it. The creator’s business is called Tarot by Seven, and I have to say she has some decks that are beautiful. I’m seriously looking at getting a few more just because of the images and feel of them.

If you like your tarot dark,

join me as I embark.

Through a land of twisted fate,

deep into the night, and very late.

As the bones come to foretell,

and my nerves they try to quell.

Skeletons here and there to guide.

Journeying at my side.

Each very old and wise,

assisting to open my eyes.

Be it skull on a coin,

or devil come to join.

A warning I didn’t see,

these bones advise me.

Cards old and ancient,

tell me when to move, or be patient.

Chariot, Page, or Knight.

Move, stay, it’s alright.

Be it bony wands, or pirate sword.

I hear the queen and the lord,

Helping to see what’s ahead,

is my Deck of the Dead.

Tarot by Seven, is the designer.

I recommend you find her.

Aren’t these such beautiful images.


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