4 Ways to prevent the Plague

4 Ways to prevent the dreaded 2020 plague, that got your attention didn’t it.

Have you seen the memes that are staying there was a plague in 1820, in 1920, and in they expect another plague in 2020? There are some whispers and some yelling here and there that the Coronavirus is this new plague.
I have had clients freak the fuck out! I’m going to tell you straight, fear tactics are powerful, and it gets reactions from you, my dear reader. What is the reaction, you freak out you are more willing to drop some cash on whatever they’re selling?

I’m not going to fear tactic you on a plague. There are ways to keep yourself healthy. And I’m going to share them with you here.
First off, let’s remember in the 1820s and the 1920s shit was different. We have learned so much in the last 100 years. So, you know the new routine, wear a mask if you are feeling sick, or want to prevent it. Get the special ones that are “N95” or “N100” these give protection against bacteria and viruses.
Alrighty, are you ready to move on to the tips?

4 Ways to prevent illness


You’re going to need to drink more water. Water moves your immune system and if you aren’t getting the proper amount for you body, you just took all your transportation away from your bacteria fighting army. Yep, your immune system is your personal army. These dudes are smart AF, they are ripped AF, they are brutal and will do ANYTHING to keep you healthy. This is the army every country wants. But there is so much they can do. If you take away their choppers, tanks, and even leave their roads in disrepair, well those dudes aren’t going to get to a threat in time. Drink your water your personal bacteria fighting army needs it.

Are you eating properly? I know, I know you’re busy and you are responsible for this big long list of things. Let’s look at it logically for a few seconds. If you get sick what’s happening to that list? It’s going to get longer until you can check it off. You might think you can keep your list-controlled while being a sick zombie but what is that really doing to you. Take some time out every day to make sure you’re eating well, your family needs you to do that for you, and you need to do it for them. The great thing is you can double whammy this and make them eat well too, keeping them healthy too. Take a good multi-vitamin its worth it. Let me put it this way, that army I mentioned. It’s not going to be buff and smart AF if it’s starving for vitamins. Get that C in!

Sleep. You need to sleep to repair your body and mind. The body repairs the muscles, consolidates memory, and regulates hormones while sleeping. The immune system produces its own substances while you sleep. You need sleep.

If you’re wanting a little bit more to stay healthy, we’ve come to 4 Thieves Vinegar. This concoction has a whole legend tied to it about preventing 4 Thieves from catching the plague. It’s a great thing to add to any healthy line up. Personally, I take a spoonful every morning before my coffee. When I feel a flu or cold coming on I up it to a shot glass full. I rarely get sick. This concoction works because the herbs that are used to create it (mostly garlic) are antibacterial and antiviral. I also offer Dragon’s Breath that is another vinegar based antibacterial and antiviral concoction. This offers detox benefits too. It can be taken the same way. If the favor is strong, and I’ll admit it is you can add them to salads as the dressing. My 4 Thieves’ Vinegar can also be used to clean. Wipe down places that are grimy or touched a lot to stop the spread of viruses.

If you aren’t up for drinking vinegar, you can use my Plague Doctor. It can be rubbed on the body to improve your immune system.
If you browse through the vinegar aisle of various stores you may come across something that is called sipping vinegar. I’ve tried these and honestly, I didn’t have the same results. My guess is it was machine made. There is a difference between things made with energy and things made without.

There you have it four tips to keep you healthy without fear mongering. Do you already do these? Have you tried medicinal vinegar?

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