8 Steps To Ground The Confused Empath

No small talk, or warm up to the post. No introductions. Because I’m not really in the mood and I bet you aren’t either.

What can you do to feel sane for a few minutes and focus on the shit you got to get done? Empaths be like “I can’t focus! I’m so confused!” Right!?


  1. Get yourself to a dark place, a closed bathroom with no lights on can work great. A bedroom with the curtains drawn, and no lights on. The deepest of the dark doesn’t matter, just that its dark.
  2. Let’s ground ourselves. To do this imagine tree roots coming out of the bottoms of your feet, it can also follow your tailbone down. These roots are going down, down, down to the ground, 1, 2, 3. Sorry, I told you Empaths can’t focus. So, get those roots all the way into the ground. Imagine them moving from your body, through any floors, cement, whatever into the dirt and then as far down as you’re willing to picture them go. I like to tap into the core of the earth.
  3. Now imagine all the shit in your body, mind, energy field going down those roots. All the confusion, and unfocused feeling you have. It’s all draining from your body, down, down, down to the ground, 1, 2, 3.
  4. Okay, we good? Got it all out? Ooops there’s a little bit still, push it out.
  5. Here is where we would begin pulling Universal or heavenly energy to begin to center ourselves but we ain’t going to do that shit today because . . . Uh we’re picking up too much from everyone’s crap already. So, we’re going to picture this nice cap on our heads. What type of caps/hats do you wear? But first we’re going to imagine ourselves writing on this hat. I’m writing Focus, Completion, Done, and words to encourage me to get my shit done. You can write Confidence, Clear, Precise, Sane, or any words that you want to bring into your energy. Protected, Shielded, Safe, Untouched can also be good ones for the empath. Put that hat on.
  6. Feel the words that you wrote move through you. Each word has energy, the energy of focus will be moving through you, the energy of protection will be moving through you.
  7. Next, we’re going to do a fast shield, I hate, HATE -totes HATE!- white bubbles or white lights. So, I’m giving you the trick I give my students. You’re going to imagine a human sized hamster ball. Yeah that plexi-glass stuff. Make one big enough for you to fit inside comfortably. Now get inside. Your roots will go through it just like they go through cement. You can walk with the ball around you.
  8. Okay my dear empath. We will be good. You can keep doing this over and over -or just keep it going all the time- until you find it easier to focus.


The world is in a state of upheaval right now, we’re picking it all up and reacting with it. Empaths are like a boiling bubbling pot of water on a stove right now. This will help you to turn the temperature way down, either to a nice slow simmer or completely off.

Did you try it? Tell me about it.

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