Damn! Now You’re Grounded!!!

Can’t concentrate, feel like you’re always somewhere else? Is it hard to be on time? Do people say you’re floaty?
If you said yes to all or any of the above, I’m sorry to break it to you but you aren’t grounded. When you’re grounded you’re connected to yourself and earth. It’s hard to be floaty when you’re connected. When it’s hard for you to concentrate and you seem to be losing time when you aren’t grounded. It’s also very common to feel like everyone is dumping on you.
When you are grounded, it’s much easier to concentrate, to listen to others’ emotions and thoughts and not feel them pull you down, and time moves normally.
Damn! Now You’re Grounded helps to keep you grounded and smells good.

Handmade in small batches with high quality essential oils and Sweet Almond oil as a base. Herbs enhance the therapeutic effects of this oil.

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