A poem to a beloved tarot deck

I love poetry, I also really dig tarot. I got a new deck and a poem flowed from it. I decided what the heck, I’ll share it here.
I’m thinking about starting a tarot/oracle reviews section. Let’s see if I have time to add that to my list.
Anyways, this deck is titled The Deck of the Dead. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I love the antique images and the death/bones feel to it. The creator’s business is called Tarot by Seven, and I have to say she has some decks that are beautiful. I’m seriously looking at getting a few more just because of the images and feel of them.

If you like your tarot dark,

join me as I embark.

Through a land of twisted fate,

deep into the night, and very late.

As the bones come to foretell,

and my nerves they try to quell.

Skeletons here and there to guide.

Journeying at my side.

Each very old and wise,

assisting to open my eyes.

Be it skull on a coin,

or devil come to join.

A warning I didn’t see,

these bones advise me.

Cards old and ancient,

tell me when to move, or be patient.

Chariot, Page, or Knight.

Move, stay, it’s alright.

Be it bony wands, or pirate sword.

I hear the queen and the lord,

Helping to see what’s ahead,

is my Deck of the Dead.

Tarot by Seven, is the designer.

I recommend you find her.

Aren’t these such beautiful images.


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Moon Water Creation

What is Moon Water and WTH do you do with it once you have it?

First a little on the Full Moon
Today is September’s Full Moon, the Harvest Moon. It’s a great day to begin harvesting all the things you’ve sown over the last month and in past months too. I know you know the saying “You reap what you sow.” Well it’s time to get reaping.

The Full Moon is also a great time to release, let go of what doesn’t make you happy, what doesn’t serve you. Why?
Because of you don’t let go of the “STUFF” that doesn’t make you smile where are you going to put the stuff you’re reaping and harvesting?

WTH do I do with Moon Water?
First, you can drink it, cook with it, make tea and or coffee with it. This is really great if you’ve intoned it. Self-Esteem for the little ones, Cooling anger for the teenagers, Prosperity for the family…. Yes please.

Second, the Spiritual and Pagan communities use it for cleansing. So add some to your bath water, to your mop water, cleanse your sacred areas and tools.

Well, Moon Water absorbs the properties of the Moon: Femininity, mystery, intuition, healing, and various Goddesses.
So are you wanting to increase your physic gifts? Moon water is a fast and easy way to do that.
Do you want to connect to your Femininity? Moon water to the rescue.
Is there something you are wanting to heal emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually? Moon Water can help.

Okay Maria that sounds great. How much is it going to cost me? That’s the best part. It’s FREE!

Moon Water Creation
Now lets get to the creating of the Moon Water. It’s super simple to create Moon Water. All you need is some clean water, a clean jar or bottle and some time to put it outside and bring it back inside. If you want to get fancy you can add crystals and intone (fancy way of saying the water will absorb the vibration of sound) your water.
In this case you’ll need the crystals, a marker to write on your container and your beautiful voice.

The How To’s
Wash your jar.
Fill it with water. If you’re going to add crystals you can add them now. I personally don’t put my crystals in my water, I put them around my jar. If you’re going to write an affirmation on your jar do it now. If you’re going to intone your water you can say your affirmation now.
Put the jar outside once the sun has gone down.
Bring the jar inside before the sun comes up.

Repeat for the day before, day of, and day after Full Moon.

Here’s a video on creating Moon Water and what to do with it afterwards.

Get your water outside tonight and make yourself some Moon Water.

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Free Intuitive Readings for the week of August 17-21 2016

Free Intuitive Readings for the week of August 17th-21st 2016

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Crystals for Headaches

I’ve just shared a video on YouTube. It’s about the crystals you’d want to use if you have headaches or migraines. It’s a great idea to keep this crystals on hand if  you suffer from headaches/migraines.