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Blue rain orchid

is truly spirit led

If you’ve been in the metaphysical crowd you hear a lot about “spirit led businesses” and it sounds so amazing. Blue Rain Orchid is a spirit led business, but it’s not my spirit or higher self that leads it. Yes, it’s very spiritual in nature, but Blue Rain Orchid doesn’t belong to me. I really wish I could say it does, I mean I’m the sole practitioner, I am who you will work with and speak to. Blue Rain Orchid belongs to my spirit guide. It’s him who wanted this business and it’s him who stepped in and said “Oh My GODDDDD, Maria’s Holistic Healing is so boring! You need a better name. Find it or I will.”

Which brought about Blue Rain Orchid.

I know you’re dying to know why this is the name that was agreed on and how it was birthed. I’ll tell you in a bit.

So Blue Rain Orchid was birthed by my spirit guide demanding I start stepping out of the shadows with my healing. A skill he led me into years prior and demanded I be trained by various teachers and mentors. Because of this, Blue Rain Orchid is young compared to other practitioners out there. If you dig hard enough, you’ll find our online presence is around 5 years old. We’re the newbies on the block, but that doesn’t mean I’m not an expert at what I do. Take a look at  My Portfolio and Testimonials

Birth of

Blue Rain Orchid

Back in 2015 I was calling this little business I had Maria’s Holistic Healing, and my guide about puked. He wanted something to represent the heart and soul of what we were going to do. And so Blue was written on the name list. Blue is the color of healing  and that was going to be a big part of what would be offered. Healing in all forms and shapes. Then Rain was written down. Rain is cleansing and you need to cleanse in order to heal. It’s also water and nothing can live without water. It’s essential to all life and living healthy and happy depends on water. Then we were stuck. Blue Rain while beautiful just wasn’t perfect. I and my husband began tossing all sorts of names out like Moon, Rose, Crystal, Healing, and so many more. But nothing was right, nothing made the hair on my arms stand, or my heart sing. My heart was pounding because I knew if I didn’t come up with a name, my guide would and what would he choose.

I could feel him nearby when my husband sighed Orchid.
The air around us was full of electricity. I knew this was it, but why. Why was the missing piece Orchid? I jumped online and began searching the meaning of orchids. One of the most time consuming, fragile and difficult flowers to care for, it was also rare and beyond beautiful. I felt my guide point over my shoulder at an image that was too small to see. As I enlarged it, I noticed it was a blue orchid.

And Blue Rain Orchid was born. This business name reminds me and you that you will receive the most tender loving care that is unique to your needs. You will be treated like the unique being you are.

We all are


Blue Rain Orchid

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