Current Moon Phase

Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere

You’ll notice the difference between the moons in the calendars above. It’s important to remember that the moon doesn’t change, it is our perspective of the moon. Standing on Earth we see the moon differently depending on where we stand. When we are in the Northern Hemisphere we have a different perspective of what standing in the Southern Hemisphere will show us.

What to do during the phases

To follow the moon cycle start at the New Moon and move your way down the Waxing section then come up to the Full Moon and move your way down the waning section.

Waxing means growing and Waning means shrinking.

New Moon

New Beginnings

Cleansing & reflecting time, start gathering your thoughts, and start planning your new goals. Starting to manifest new desires.

*See Young Moon and Old Moon for deeper detail of this phase.

Harvesting, Letting Go

The time to collect the rewards from the actions taken during the previous moons. Once you’ve harvested the rewards let go and prepare to start again.

Full Moon
Waxing Gibbous

Alignment, Refine Plans

Pay attention to your inner condition and outer surroundings, find your balance and align your vibe with the Universe. Adjust the path if necessary.



Inner Work

Reflect with gratitude on your goals and intentions. Listen to your body and take time to nurture yourself. Cleanse energies that no longer serve you.

Waning Gibbous
First Quarter

Take Action, Courageous

Get to know your strength while making action. Don’t give up, even if facing obstacles. Be courageous while moving forward towards your goals.


Let Go, Purge Energy

Let go and purge all thoughts and habits that have a negative impact on your life. Release negative mindsets. Finish projects.

Last Quarter
Waxing Crescent

Set Intentions, Energy

Planning your goals, and refining your skills. Set your intentions to manifest your wishes. Focus on your energy and self-improvement.


Restore, Rest

Relax, reflect, and remain still. Embrace everything good that comes into your life. Reconnect with yourself by grounding and centering. Restore peace and harmony with self-care.

Waning Crescent

These Phases aren't often talked about or given much attention.

They are often counted as part of the New Moon. Personally, I feel the Young Moon IS the New Moon. The Old or Dark Moon IS when we don’t see the moon, and what is often considered the New Moon (what you normally see as a black moon or no moon).

The Young Moon

Focus on Intentions & Manifestations.

Focus on your manifestation intentions and goals.

This phase may actually be what most considered the New Moon, there is the smallest sliver of the moon visible.


Rest, Recharge, Relax

Rest and relax. Make plenty of time for self-care and prepare for the new lunar cycle ahead.

This moon phase is considered to the the day of or the day before you can’t find the moon.

The Old Moon
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