Expertise and Training


Usui Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT) — March 2016, June 2016,

Animal Reiki Master/Teacher — March 2016, September 2016

Spiritual Animal Healer — September 2016

Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT) — April 2014

Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher — November 2016

Chakra Practitioner — November 2015, October 2019

Crystal Therapist — September 2015

Crystal Medicine Healer — November 2015

Tarot/Oracle Reader — January 2016

Lunar Mysteries — October 2015

Metaphysical Practitioner –March 2016

Ordained Minister (Rev.) — July 2016

Herbalist (CH) — July 2017

Master Herbalist (MH) — April 2019

Crystal Practitioner (CCP) — July 2017

Aromatherapist (CA) — September 2019

Life Coach (LC) – March 2019

Holistic Life Coach –August 2019

Holistic Weight loss Coach –August 2019

Mindfulness and Medication Practitioner – September 2019

EFT Practitioner (Tapping) -January 2020

Akashic Reader -April 2021

Shadow Work Practitioner/Jungian Coaching – September 2021

Meditation Teacher (CMT)-October 2021

Group Chakra Practitioner -January 2022

Spirituality Coach (CSC)-May 2022

Master NLP Practitioner -June 2022







Associations belonged to

The Reiki Healing Association March 2017

The World Metaphysical Association June 2017

Healers Unite Certification Board -Council of Holistic Healers June 2017





Tarot and Oracle reading -Master

Runes -Apprentice

Scrying -Apprentice

Numerology -Apprentice

Palmistry -Apprentice

Psychic Abilities -Master

Hoodoo -Journeyman

Reflexology -Journeyman

Acupressure -Journeyman

Massage -Journeyman

Demonology -Master

Angelology -Master

Curanderismo -Master

Sound Therapy -Apprentice

Various styles of Reiki -Journeyman

Energetic Bodies -Master

Aura -Master

Tai Chi -Apprentice

Qi Gong -Apprentice

Meditation -Master

World Religions -Journeyman

Mythologies -Journeyman

Cultural Anthropology -Journeyman

Astrology -Apprentice

Mediumship -Journeyman

Karma Release -Apprentice

Shamanism -Journeyman

Manifestations -Master

Law of Attraction -Master

Telekinesis -Apprentice

Angel Healing -Journeyman

Ayurveda -Apprentice

Cupping -Apprentice

Flower Essences -Apprentice

Color Therapy -Journeyman

Astral Projection -Master

Lucid Dreaming -Master

Dream Walking -Apprentice

Ancient Magic -Journeyman

Native American Medicine -Apprentice

Traditional Chinese Medicine -Apprentice

Folk Medicine -Journeyman

Anatomy -Apprentice

Pathology -Apprentice

Zoology -Apprentice

Alchemy -Apprentice

Singing bowls -Apprentice

Please note, these are labels and levels my instructors, mentors, and spiritual parents use.


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