Healing Services

Distance Healing Services:
After placing your order for any of these services please email me at Maria @bluerainorchid .com to set up an appointment. Your picture is required. These offerings are all done by distance. This allows you to be countries away and still receive healing through me.

Cobra Lily Therapy
15 minutes $30.00
Activates and opens the chakras 1-7 and clears the flow of the Kundalini. This removes any Blah feeling.
**This session allows you to get to know me as a healer.**

Black Lightning Energy Therapy
30 minutes $80.00
60 minutes $150.00
This session sends a shock of energy through the system to help you move away from situations that no longer serve you. It sends vitality into your aura and manifesting abilities in order to help you clear the way to new possibilities. This black lightening bolt will burn away all negative energy and absorbs positive energy from the cosmos to release it within your personal field.

Blue Orchid Energy Healing
30 minutes $80.00
60 minutes $150.00
This session goes deep into your energy field and Meridians and strips away all that no longer serves you. This allows you to use all of your energy and leaves you feeling relaxed, peaceful and ready to take on the world.

Blue Rain Energy Therapy
30 minutes $80.00
60 minutes $150.00
This session clears your aura and energy field in order to allow you to align to your true purpose. It washes away all that keeps you stuck, so you’ll feel lighter.

Pet Reiki and Chakra Work
Small animal: $25.00
Large animal: $45.00

Energy Scan
This is a fast scan that looks at your energy and pin points blocks, energy leaks, attachments of entities.

Ascension Services

~More Coming Soon~