How To Harness The Lion’s Gate’s Manifestation Energy

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How Harness to
The Lion's Gate's
Manifestation Energy


The Lion’s Gate Portal happens around August 8th every year. It is an astrological occurrence that happens when the Sun in Leo aligns with the star Sirus, Earth, and Orion’s Belt constellation. This event lasts from July 28 to August 12th with its peak on the 8th. The portal is open for close to two weeks. It is associated with ancient Egyptian cosmology, numerology, and the infinity symbol. In numerology the number 8 represents manifestation, empowerment, and infinity -can you see it. Place the 8 on its side.

It’s said that this alignment opens a gateway for higher frequencies and cosmic energies to enter the plant and consciousness. This creates a powerful manifestation, creativity, energy. It can also bring about spiritual awakenings. It can also assist us in being open to the Leo energy will all carry and give us courage, strength, and expression to see the opened path and move towards our goals.


Some ways to use The Lion’s Gate Portal to help your spiritual transformation.

Self-Love, by practicing self-love, you are allowing yourself to embrace your unique gifts and your true self. It’s very important to remember that self-love includes speaking to yourself like you do to others. Don’t beat yourself up, that isn’t loving you. Do things that make you happy.

Go inward. Cut out as many distractions as you can; turn off your phone or social media notifications. You can journal or just take notes of the thoughts you have. The point of this practice is to connect with your higher self and your intuition.

Crafts, if you don’t already have a craft, you love now is a great time to pick one up. Unleash your creativity. If after thinking about it nothing sparks your interest for a new hobby or craft, you can be creative in rearranging your living spaces. Does your altar need a little love and care, could you do something different and creative there?

Ritual, you can light a candle and, in the candlelight, write your wishes. Spend some time thinking, and being open to inspiration and intuition, on how you can creatively and courageously go after those desires and intentions. You can use visualization to see them coming true or say them out loud. The Lion’s Gate is about manifesting your desires so make sure you add that in your ritual.

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