How To Make Moon Water


Making Moon Water is easy basically you need a jar with a lid or bowl with plastic wrap, and some time. These directions are going to be a little more complicated but not a lot because who wants to spend hours doing this?

Moon Water is usually created on a Full Moon (I’ll cover some other options at the end of this post) the Full Moon can consist of the night before, the night of, and the night after the Full Moon. You can use it all three nights, or just the night of the Full Moon. You’re going to need a bowl, usually glass (it’s best to avoid any sort of metal) and some plastic wrap, although you don’t have to cover your bowl of water. Think about where you live and what sorts of nighttime visitors you get, and the end purpose of your water before you decide on not covering it. Plastic wrap will let the moonbeams through so your water can absorb them.

Bowl with Plastic wrap or a Jar with a lid

Water, any kind is okay although most will say filtered/spring water is best.

Optional: Herbs, Crystals, Word Labels, Pen, and Paper for intentions.

Directions: Clean your bowl or jar -usually with soap and water but cleansing with an herbal smoke is often done too.

Fill your bowl with the water you’ve chosen. If you’re going to add herbs, crystals add them now. Close your jar or wrap plastic wrap around your bowl. If you’ve chosen to add word labels to increase your intentions, you can tape them to your jar or bottom of the bowl now.

Find a place outside when your container will receive full moonlight throughout the night. You may want to look for a place where animals will not bother your water. I learned the hard way. You can state your intentions now if you’d like. Leave the container unbothered until sunrise.

At sunrise bring your container inside, transfer your water to a storage container if you need. Label the container with the date, moon name, zodiac, any special circumstances, intentions placed during the moon charge, etc. You can keep notes on what this particular moon water can be used for. Keep your moon water in a dark place to keep safe.


Uses for Moon Water

Baths: You can add a full jar or just a cup to your baths. This adds a bit of magic to your daily life. If you’re having a spiritual bath adding moon water makes it stronger.

Drinking human and pets/water plants: You can drink moon water to increase your connection to the moon and lunar energies. Drinking moon water with the intention of increasing intuition helps increase intuition. You can use moon water to make any drink that includes water; brew some tea, add crystals and some lemon for infused water. Adding a cup of moon water to your pet’s water bowls or your watering pot for your plants is often done.

Cleansing Rituals: Moon water can be used to cleanse your tools, altars, and space. Add some moon water to your mop water to add a spiritual boost to your household cleaning. You can add a cup to your magical laundry -add it to the fabric softener area of your washing machine.

Meditations: Using moon water for meditations can increase your intuition and stillness allowing your meditations to get deeper. You can cleanse the area/space or wipe some moon water across your forehead.

Dream Work: Drinking a small cup of moon water before bed can enhance your dream experiences. You can also spray moon water in your bedroom or spray your bed and pillows with it.

Energy Work: Using moon water around your living spaces can attract positive energy and spiritual insights to the room.

Get a copy of Moon Water Labels here. They’re free and easy to use.

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