How To Use The Items In Herbal Astus

There are so many items in the Herbal Astus section of the Botanica (shop) it can be hard to know what to do with them, or why you’d want to use them. It’s my intention that this post and the images will help with that. You can use all these powders in sachet bags, sachet packets, mojo bags, poppets, candle dressings, in jar workings, some can even go in the bath with you. Below you will find other ways to use them that you may not have thought about.


This works mostly with powders, although there is a way of doing it with herbal blends. Placing a bit of powder on your hand, you blow a puff of powder in the direction you want it to go. This is often used to prepare areas for the energy you will be working with. It is normally blown in the four corners of the room and/or the four Cardinal Directions.


This is what it sounds like, you carry your herbal blend or powder with you in a sachet bag or mojo bag. You can dust your clothing with it (within reason of course) or add a pinch into pockets, bags, purses, shoes or other ways of wearing it. Vials worn as jewelry also work.


How do you dress your candles, wallet, applications, legal paperwork, any paperwork, and lottery tickets? Never thought about it. Well, you can use oils, but I wouldn’t on paper. You can wipe the herbal blend or powder on your paperwork or sprinkle it on and give it a few days to infuse. Roll your candles in the blend.


Sprinkling is just what it sounds like, you sprinkle some herbal blend or powder usually in a line around the area you are working. A line around your home for protection. A line around your candles for adding to the power, etc. Hot Foot and similar powders are also sprinkling powders they are sprinkled where you know the other will walk. 

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