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No Pain Up In This Joint

No Pain Up In This Joint is a special blend that was specially created to ease muscle and joint pain. No one should spend the day in pain and with this oil you won’t have too. This oil is created with a blend of Sweet Almond oil, Myrrh, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Orange and other essential … Continue reading No Pain Up In This Joint

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Defensa (Spanish for Defense) protects its wearer by repelling negativity. The special blend of castor oil and essential oils repels negative attacks so you can live your life. To use wear a few drops to your pressure points. Add a drop or two to your bath water. May also anoint spell candles for spell work. … Continue reading Defensa

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Brindis a la Salud

I’d like to propose a Brindis a la Salud. Raise your glass and join me in a “Toast to Health”. Happiness brings health. Joy and laughter are the best medicine. This blend will not only bring you great health, but it will also help you see how much happiness is in your life. Let’s toast … Continue reading Brindis a la Salud

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Mercurio ~The Retrograde Oil~

Mercurio (Spanish for Mercury) ~The Retrograde Oil~ is a special blend inspired and blessed by the God Mercury Himself to help ease the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury RX is usually a time people say bad things happen. Most of the time these bad things involve contracts, communication and communication devices, and travel and … Continue reading Mercurio ~The Retrograde Oil~

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K.O. Fibro

Fibromyalgia is the painful champion no one wants to acknowledge. To make matters worse few medications actually help Fibro’s agonizing aches and pains go away. Until now, K.O. Fibro is the challenger you want on your side of the ring. Knock Out your Fibromyalgia with K.O. Fibro To use roll roller bottle across the ache … Continue reading K.O. Fibro

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