Psychic Services

Psychic Services:
After placing your order for any of these services please email me at Maria @bluerainorchid .com to set up an appointment. Your picture is required.

Please note: I prefer to do readings alone. I set up an appointment with you so we both know when the reading will be completed, I then let you know the following day the reading was done and when you can expect a written report of what was seen. I then read alone using your picture, this is preferred for a few reasons. One, when we take into consideration time zones, it may be difficult to find a time that works well for us both. Two, as a medium I’m often bombarded by spirits wanting to pass on messages my client doesn’t want. Some spirits are difficult to ignore. Three, often times my clients are uncomfortable with me “seeing” things they are ashamed or embarrassed about. This causes them to tense up and not fully absorb the reading as it takes place.

Pyschic Reading
30 minutes $30.00
60 minutes $60.00
This is for a “No Tools” psychic reading, meaning tarot, oracle, runes, or other divination tool will not be used. You can request a area of focus.

Past Life Readings
You may choose from your own past life only or a partnered past life that will tell how you and a partner, parent, or friend shared a life before. A picture will be required of both if partnered past life is chosen.
One Past Life $80.00
Series of Past Lives $150.00

30 minutes $45.00
60 minutes $90.00

Animal Whispering
30 minutes $30.00
60 minutes $60.00

Energy Scan
This is a fast scan that looks at your energy and pin points blocks, energy leaks, attachments of other energies, etc.

Ascension Services