Is The Blue Moon A Betrayer?

Can The BLue Moon Betray Us?

Due to the differences between the lunar cycle and the solar calendar we can have a second full moon in a month or an extra full moon in a season which we call a blue moon. There is an old legend that is not well known and not validated, which states this came comes from an old English word “belewe” which means “to betray”. This means a blue moon was thought of as a betraying moon.

Belewe was used to describe a full moon that would normally mark the end of winter and start of spring but some years the full moon would happen before the equinox making people wait longer for the change of the seasons. That full moon was seen as a betrayer of the natural order of nature. With time the Belewe moon became a blue moon.

moon myth

Where this is a very interesting idea to explain why this extra full moon is called a blue moon it’s important to note that this idea is not widely accepted by Anyone. Etymologists point out there is no evidence of “belewe” being used that way in any Old English literature. They do agree that sometimes in Middle English manuscripts “belewe” was used to spell Blue and this may cause the confusion of this type of moon’s name.

Since no one can agree on Old or Middle English’s belewe representing a betrayer moon, this hypnosis is often seen as a fabrication and not even considered a myth.

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