New Year Goals, and Affirmations

Most if not all of you are thinking about your New Year’s Goals. Still going strong? The things you want to change, usually about yourself. This usually has a lot to do with judging yourself in a negative light. Weight is mostly the focus. I’ll admit a few of my goals consist of my weight too. What I’ve seen in the past, myself included, our goals are not workable.

We exaggerate them, I want to lose 100 pounds. How will you do that, and what does that say to you? Does that leave you with a feeling of exasperation or frustration? Do you know how to lose weight? Let’s lower this weight number, I want to lose 40 pounds. How does this make you feel? It feels more reasonable right? But again, how are you going to do it. If you read my previous post, you will remember this affirmation. I am cautions with what I fuels my body.

This is a great affirmation for the new year and one I will be using myself. Why because when we are cautious with what fuels our body, we begin watching our calories without even trying to. This usually lowers the calories we put into to our body. The fastest way to lose weight is to take out more calories than we put into our bodies.

Another good affirmation would be I move my body in ways it requires to stay healthy. Doesn’t this sound much better than I must go to the gym daily. I like it. You can go to the gym, you can walk around your block a couple of times, or you can play tag with your kids, or play a sport with older kids. You can join a few friends and walk to the coffee shop. This gives you much more freedom in the way you move your body.

Remember losing weight means you take out more calories than you put in. These two affirmations are keeping your mind on that, in a fun positive way. As your body gets stronger you add more movement. If this isn’t something you want to do. You want to have a solid plan on losing weight you can. If you truly feel the gym is the best place for you to lose weight, then you would adjust your affirmations. I’m content at the gym for 30 minutes (whatever time you feel is best) five times a week (or whatever you choose). Maybe you know the gym is where you need to be, but you aren’t sure what to do there. I am worthy of a physical trainer. Would be a great affirmation if you feel like splurging on a trainer is too much. It is an investment in your health and future health. It isn’t. I give you permission to do it if you need permission.

I’m giving you a few more affirmations. Type them up, write them on a sticky note, tape them to your fridge, bathroom mirror, steering wheel or wherever you look at a lot.

2019 is my best year yet!

I rock my life!

I am perfect!

I am worthy!

I am loved! I love myself!

I reach my goals!

I exceed all expectations!

Here’s to a wonderful 2019.

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