Pendulum Training the Easy Way

Pendulums are a pain in the butt at times, what does their swing mean? Is it saying yes, or is that a no? Is it swinging in a straight line or is it going in circles, WAIT! That’s counterclockwise WTF does that mean.

How do you train one of these suckers? It’s like it has a mind of its own.

Training a pendulum isn’t that hard if you know how to do it. I’m sorry there are no pendulum trainers, no schools for pendulums to be trained at. *giggles* Sorry, Sorry. I couldn’t let that go.

Swing, Pendulum, Swing.

First and foremost, you’re going to need to get used to that pendulum and it needs to get used to you. I like sleeping with a new pendulum (or tarot deck, oracle, runes) put it in a velvet or organza bag, tuck it under your pillow. It’s simple.

Side note: People will tell you to smudge it, or allow some incense smoke to swirl around it if that’s your thing go for it. If not, you can place it in some clear cold water, you can put it in some salt -depending on the material, to cleanse it also. Of course, this should be done before sleeping with it. If you trust your seller, they probably did that for you already.

So, once you and Pendy the Pendulum are chill what do you do. I’ve heard of people who ask their pendulums to show them a yes or a no. But I feel that sets you up for doubt if you aren’t confident with pendulums.

A quick visual lesson on training your pendulum.

So, I ask Pendy silly questions like:
“Hi Pendy, am I a girl?” “Is the sky green?” “Are floors upside down?”

Because the pendulum should know the answers to these silly questions you can assume the movement is the correct answer. For example, as back and forwards swing answering am I a girl would mean yes. I circular swing, when asked if the sky is green, would mean no?

A pendulum with a mat.

If you’re planning on using a pendulum mat you would begin by showing the pendulum where on the mat the answer is. Begin at the starting place, then force a swing from start to the yes spot. You’d do the same for no, and anything else on the mat.

You’d then move on to your silly questions.

Training your dragon, oops I mean pendulum is easy, but it will take time and practice before you are BFFs and can get fast answers in seconds.

Keep training and playing with your pendulum that’s part of the fun, and you’re allowed to have fun, of learning new skills.

Photos: Stock Image

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