Psychic Code of Ethics

Psychic Code of Ethics
As a psychic there times I need to say no. This has nothing to do with you personally. It has everything to do with boundaries between you the sitter, and me the reader.

These are my current Code of Ethics, they may change, be added to, or be removed at any given time.

I will politely decline a reading if:
If you are a minor: I will not read for anyone under 18.

Restrictive yes or no questions. I can help you rephrase the question.

Questions regarding the affairs of others. I’m not your spy.

When it comes to future readings, I will read the possible future as it is mostly likely at that moment. We have free will and as such every choice we make shifts our future.
In other words, our futures aren’t written in stone. If you don’t like something that is foretold you can change it.

This is a non-exhaustive list. I will evaluate on a case by case basis and decline a
reading if I feel it necessary.

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