Reflect With The Blue Moon In Pisces

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The radiant glow of the Piscean Blue Moon invites us to go on a journey inward. It’s a time to engage in self-reflection and connect with our intuitive wisdom. The Blue Moon in Pisces encourages us to journal out thoughts and dreams, to meditate and be creative so we can tap into our subconscious.

I have some journal prompts for you, grab your pen and paper.

Journal Prompts

  1. What does the term “blue moon” mean to you? How does it differ from a typical full moon?
  2. What dreams or intuitive insights have you experienced recently? How might they connect to the Piscean energy of the full moon?
  3. In what ways do you feel spiritually connected? How can you deepen this connection during the Pisces full moon?
  4. What intentions would you like to set for this unique blue moon period? How can they be aligned with the rare and special energy it brings?
  5. How can you prioritize self-care and healing during this time? What activities align with Pisces’ emphasis on emotional well-being?
  6. Reflect on any emotional wounds that need attention. How can you work towards healing them under the influence of this full moon?
  7. Blue moons are considered rare events. What other rare occurrences in your life could you compare a blue moon to?
  8. Write about a situation where you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes and better understand their perspective.
  9. Blue moons signify a sense of novelty. Is there a new skill, hobby, or experience you’ve been wanting to explore? How can you take steps towards it now?
  10. Are there aspects of your life where you’re trying to exert too much control? How can you surrender and go with the flow, embracing the Piscean sense of fluidity?
  11. Use the energy of the blue moon to identify and release attachments that no longer serve you. How can you embrace this process of letting go?
  12. Are there unhealthy emotional attachments or draining relationships in your life? How can you set boundaries or release what no longer serves you?
  13. The blue moon often signifies the unexpected. How can you embrace the element of surprise in your creative or spiritual practices during this Piscean phase?
  14. Blue moons encourage us to break from routine. How can you infuse a sense of novelty into your daily life, aligning this with the imaginative spirit of Pisces?
  15. Write a letter to your future self, envisioning the impact of the blue moon in Pisces on your personal growth and emotional exploration. Reflect on the changes you hope to see.
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