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All sessions require an appointment for a time when you can rest (please no driving or watching small children). You will need to increase your water intake for 2-3 days afterwards. A picture will be required. I will do everything else… this includes reading your spiritual and physical energy, and infusing your physical, spiritual and energetic fields with Universal energy. Other energies including Elemental, Angelic, Crystal, and Herbal may also be used. You will receive a written report within 10 days of appointment detailing the session. Please email Maria @bluerainorchid.com after your payment, with your name, a picture, birthday, and the email address you want your report sent to.


Black Star Healing Therapy

Feeling drained? Do you feel like no matter what you do you just don’t have the energy to get anything done? Are you always tired? Does something always ache? Although these are all mostly physical ailments, they can have very spiritual and energetic roots. This healing session will give you the energy boost your cup … Continue reading Black Star Healing Therapy

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Cobra Lily Energy Healing

Activates and opens the chakras 1-7 and clears the flow of the Kundalini. This removes any Blah feeling. **This session allows you to get to know me as a healer.**

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Reiki Session

Reiki is a Universal Energy, it’s also called Universal Life Force Energy. A Reiki Practitioner will call upon this abundant energy and channel it through your body. This process allows your body a chance to heal from emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical ailments. This session is for one time Reiki will run as long as … Continue reading Reiki Session

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Pet Healing

Our four legged family members can suffer from energy related illnesses and stresses. If your fur baby (or larger loved furry babies) are acting stressed, or seem to be in pain when the Vet says they are healthy (or just along in years) this is what you’re looking for. This session offers Animal Reiki and … Continue reading Pet Healing

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Soul Services

These services are tailored to your needs. They consist of Soul Retrieval, Removals, and Past Life Healing. If you feel you require one of these services please email me at Maria @ bluerainorchid .com A basic overview of what to expect. You’ll require an Energy Scan, this will allow me to see your energy, chakras, … Continue reading Soul Services

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