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These services are offered to assist you in ascending and walking your journey.


Ascension Services

This service is for those that are experiencing some of the stranger or worrisome ascension symptoms. When we ascend we have a large array of symptoms some are expected like being able to forgive or seeing the hurt in others that hurt us. Some are scary like hearing voices or seeing figures floating around us. … Continue reading Ascension Services

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Question Coaching

This listing is for Questions you may have when walking your path and practicing your craft. These questions may regard your workings: would you like someone to read a picture of your wax drippings, are you not sure there’s enough energy to complete your goal. After purchase, please send your questions and pictures to Maria … Continue reading Question Coaching

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Otherkin Counseling

Otherkin are humans that carry the spirit of “otherkin” meaning our other relations. This could be angel or fairy, wolf, jaguar, dragon, the list goes on and on. When you begin noticing otherkin tendencies, it’s down right scary. This session allows you to speak about these feelings, and get another perspective without judgement, and ideas … Continue reading Otherkin Counseling

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