Ascension Services

This service is for those that are experiencing some of the stranger or worrisome ascension symptoms. When we ascend we have a large array of symptoms some are expected like being able to forgive or seeing the hurt in others that hurt us. Some are scary like hearing voices or seeing figures floating around us.

If you are experiencing something and fear you may be losing your grip on sanity. Or worse yet, your loved ones believe you may be teetering on madness this is for you.

To order this service: you would decided on the time frame options provided, once you have paid you can email me at Maria @ Bluerainorchid. com or message me on Facebook where we will be able to chat for the time you have decided on. We will go over your concern and I will share with you how normal it is for someone that is awakening.

There are two options 10minutes for $15USD and 15minutes for $20USD
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