Skull Candles for Magic

Skull and Brain Candles in Magic

There is no way to deny it we love candles. Skull candles are one of my most favorite candles, do you love them too?

Skull and brain shaped candles hold tremendous symbolic power associated with the mind and brain. They are perfect for working on changing affirmations, limiting beliefs, and mindset shifts. By lighting one candle (you can use mini skulls) each day and focusing on a specific mental issue, you slowly remove those barriers that hold you back.

Skull candles aren’t limited to mindset work alone. They can also be utilized for addressing sinus issues, speech difficulties, and other head-related concerns. These candles provide a versatile tool to delve into various aspects of self-improvement and healing. I have had fun using these little baby doll head candles and even these eyeballs for sight issues.

Are you ready to harness the power of skull candles in your magical practices? In my latest video we explore the fascinating world of using skull candles for transformative rituals and mindset work.

Stacked Skulls instead of Knob candles?

Knob Candles are a taper candle that had 7 or 9 knobs. Usually you burn one knob a day. Using a stacked skull candle and burning a nub each day, is an interesting idea you may want to try. This involves burning a small portion of the candle every day for a specific number of days, such as 7 or 9. Each day, you can focus on removing a specific mental issue or limiting belief by burning a single skull. This repetitive ritual aids in shifting your mindset and helps you overcome any barriers that may be holding you back.

Have you ever used candles in your magical practice? If so, what kind of candles do you typically use and why?

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