I don’t think I’d be here without the healing we did. Thank you.
6/12/17 AR

Thank you

I have known you for less than a year but what a difference it has made in my energy, life and soul growth. I truly appreciate to have you as my go to person, because you have helped me also learn my lesson in rapid speed time and see myself from a different, fresh perspective, to love, forgive and accept myself deeper and faster than ever before when I didn’t have anyone like you to turn to!
7/1/17 A

I can love myself now.

When people say that they are a Reiki master, I tend to take that with a grain of salt. Maria of Blue Rain Orchid is a master’s master. She was able to ask the questions a master would to ascertain my understanding of what she does. She also schooled me on some things that I was not aware of. Not to mention her prices are for what she does, a steal and that is putting it nicely… Please come to a master that is eloquent the energy feels mastered and focused and get your healing on.

6/7/17 R.D

A Master’s Master

Go over to Youtube and take a look at the year in advance for your star sign. Incredibly detailed and it already backs up what I was planning on doing before I even listened to it.

12/20/16 R.S

Incredibly detailed Psychic

I feel blessed to come across Blue Rain Orchid services and to work with Maria. I can’t recommend her enough, as she is by far one of the most powerful, accurate and honest psychics/healers that I’ve ever met on my journey. Maria is very humble, kind, caring and softhearted human being. Thank you from the depth of my heart for healing my soul xx

12/18/16 A.J

Powerful, Accurate, and Honest

Blue Rain Orchid is awesome! I’m new to this site but it hasn’t disappointed yet. ‘Nuff said.

7/28/16 L.A.M


Blue Rain Orchid is awesome. Maria uses her time and energy to help and heal others. I have used several of her services from reiki to grounding and shielding classes and I must say I am better for taking her classes. She takes the time and answers questions and is a wonderful teacher.

7/11/16 K.A.C

A Wonderful Teacher

What can I say? Maria is just amazing! Top quality products and an amazing gift she uses to help others! I will always come back to Maria any time I need work done!

6/27/16 J.G

I’ll always come back to Maria

Maria is amazing, I bought a young filly and I just couldn’t get through to her. The battles and disappointments with her training. It got to a point where she was getting to aggressive with me and I didn’t understand why..so I called for help and Maria was there to help me. She made me realize what kind of attention she needed and what she was feeling deep down inside. My filly is no longer my horse anymore. She bonded extremely will with my brothers friend and was told recently by Maria that she is very happy. That’s all I wanted for her and it makes me happy that I could find a partner for her.

4/23/16 L.E


I ordered a healing mojo bag and all I can say is Maria’s gift of healing is exceptional! My mojo bag arrived humming with energy and provides me with constant relief and positivity. I cannot recommend Maria enough. Thank you! Blessings!

4/11/16 A.C

Gifted at Healing