What Word Will You Use in 2019

You’ve heard it before, the words you say are infused with a lot of power, you can hurt someone with a word alone. This causes us to be careful with what we say to others; which is always a good thing to be doing. What about the words you say to yourself? The words you think also count. As you prepare for the new year and you’re making your annual goals, or resolutions, think about the words you’re using. Are your resolutions judgements on yourself, or judgements others have of you?

Is that what you want to bring into the new year?

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes other’s judgments of us are veiled concerns. At times we really do need to pay attention to a judgement. Weight for example is often a judgement, you feel you should be skinnier, a smaller size, not a jiggly, whatever. These are judgements, compared to who… Who is a smaller size than you that you should also be a smaller size, who sets the standards of how skinny someone should be, or what size they should be? However, these are veiled concerns about health. Being a smaller size could mean you are 20 pounds lighter, which would be healthier for you in the long run. Not being jiggly could mean you are stronger, again this is healthier for you in the long run.

What are your goals or resolutions? By the way, I hate “resolutions” they carry negative energy for me. It’s something everyone is full speed ahead with for a few weeks then these resolutions just poof into thin air. You won’t hear me say resolutions again. In my opinion from personal experience and watching others there is a lot of negative power in that word. Does it carry the same for you?

So, what should we do? First, we find a word we like, Goals. That is a word I personally use. My 2019 goals. Feel free to use it too. Then we plan out our goals. I like to add a step more. I make sure my goals are also affirmations. Affirmations are powerful and the more we repeat them, the more power they have for us personally. When we create affirmations, we always avoid negative words like not, no, don’t, won’t, etc. We would never say, I won’t eat doughnuts in 2019. I’m going to be honest with you, I will be eating a few doughnuts in 2019, and I give you permission to eat some too. Realize I said some, not ALL the doughnuts. Anyways, did you see the negative impact in that affirmation, I won’t eat doughnuts (fill in your super craving here) in 2019. WON’T you know that means your brain and psyche are going to fight that, and you WILL be eating ALL the doughnuts that cross your path. So, what would be a good affirmation? I am cautious with what fuels my body.

That sentence doesn’t carry a negative word or thought. It really makes you think on a few levels. You aren’t just eating anything that is within sight, you need to FUEL your body. Right, it’s powerful are you already thinking about what you put into your body, what you give it to keep it moving and healthy? You wouldn’t just give your car any kind of gas, or motor oil. You give it the proper gas and oils it needs to get you around. I am cautious with what fuels my body, gives the same sort of thought process to your body as you do your car.

What are your New Year’s goals? How do you feel about them?

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