What’s in your oils?

What’s in your oils? The simplest answer would be the best quality of ingredients and hours of trial and error.

When you ask what’s in your oils what I hear is tell me how you created this. You won’t get the answer you’re looking for.
The reason for this is these items (oils, sprays, elixirs, ointments, powders, and anything else I make) here on this site are my children and I am extremely protective and proud of them. They are MY proprietary blends. These products were created with years of study in herbology, aromatherapy, and esoteric properties. They are the accumulation of long nights in meditation pinpointing the symptom to be cared for and sitting into the wee hours researching the essential oils and herbs and what contradictions they may have with any medications you may be taking for that symptom. They are the final product of various quarts of blends (oils) that didn’t meet my high standards, and months of beta testing. These products are hours upon hours of my blood, sweat, and frustration -try knocking over a bottle of the most beautiful product ever created. TEARS! They are also full of my laughter and joy. That little bottle in your hand has taken months, possibly years, to form. From conception (idea), creating and charging, to birth (bottling), to the presentation. They are my babies and I will not tell you how they are made.

Do you see why NO ONE sees my recipes or my cookbook?

Each oil has a combination of anywhere from three to thirty essential oils (my oil blends DO NOT contain fragrance oils), herbs, crystals, curios, and at times body glitter.
We recommend you do a skin test on a small spot of the body to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction. If you are pregnant or nursing, it is wise to ask your doctor before using any essential oils. If you have allergies, feel free to contact me with a list of your allergies and the item you are interested in. I will tell you if your item has your allergen.

Do not anoint your girly or boy parts with them, that would sting! A LOT!!!! They are not intended for oral or internal use, DO NOT drink them unless stated on the product page.


Please be aware, I offer holistic oils these oils have not been evaluated by the FDA and the FDA  has not approved any of the items or claims I have created.

Effective as of July 2021

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