Why Is It Called A Supermoon?

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A supermoon happens when the Full Moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach (the moon’s orbit is closest to Earth) to Earth. This makes the moon look larger, brighter than usual. This is scientifically called a perigee-syzygy -supermoon sounds much better, because the moon’s orbit which is elliptical not circular will get very close to Earth. That is called perigee. When a perigee happens during the moon’s full phase and the Earth, Moon, and Sun are aligned in a straight line -the syzygy we get a supermoon. This doesn’t sound like it happens often. A supermoon can happen between three to four times a year according to Nasa and they will happen consecutively or one right after the other.

In 1979 Richard Nolle, an astrologer invented the term when he used it in an article, he wrote for a horoscope magazine although it’s not a precise scientific term.

The Moonrise and Moonset will make the moon appear even larger and brighter because of optical illusions. Full Moons often look larger when they break the horizon. However, because a supermoon is closer to the Earth they can look up to 14% larger and be up to 30% brighter.

The closeness of the moon to the Earth during a supermoon is believed to amplify the moon’s energy during spell work, or anything involving spirit work. Charging ritual tools and other items in the Supermoon’s light can increase the tool’s natural energy. Cleansing and releasing rituals performed during this time can receive an extra boost of lunar power. Personal reflection can also receive beneficial energy during a supermoon. It’s said the barriers between realms are easier to break through now. This can assist in divination practices and with meditations to help you connect with your higher consciousness.

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A supermoon is a wonderful time to connect with nature and the cosmos, this can be done by spending time outside in quiet reflection or mediation. Gardening, planting, and harvesting herbs or other plant life can also connect you to nature.

There is no doubt that we are enchanted by our celestial companion the moon. We are awed by the moon’s intimate rendezvous with Earth and us. While its scientific name perigee-syzygy sounds complex the magic of a moment when Earth, Moon, and Sun align in perfect harmony continues to captivate us. It’s easy for us to forget our connection not only to nature but to the cosmos as well but the moon beckons us back to the ebb and flow of existence and reminds us of the wonder that resides both above and within.

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